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Whether or living among the rocks above the temples, Buddha Zhongjie make people believe meditation View of piety. Therefore, Buddhist art is a collection of ancient Buddhist wisdom, customs and habits and manual arts.

Private Custom

A work of art is highly personalized. Exclusive private custom will meet your unique artistic aesthetics and thoughts expressing.

The Group of Stone Creation

It’s a creative team with dreams, pursuit and ideas, which commits to initiating a new way for art of stone.

Join Us

We warmly welcome you, who loves life and art, stays positive and unwilling to ordinary, to joint us and create brilliancy together.

Site Planning

From point to area, across our country and high-standard art space show the artistic beauty of Samadhi Stone Creation.

· Stone Samadhi create "Art brand, the Group is carving utmost in order to better the stone carving art into people's daily lives, to build China's first brand and the world of stone carving art.





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